I started my first studio as a single mother who had to take advances on my next check to stay afloat. 

I worked at the airport because of the benefits and the schedule I could get. I got fired from that because 4am wasn’t an hour I could manage to be present at consistently with a baby. I then worked at a hospital thinking I could start a career change. I bartended at night for cash and went to school during the day too…all the while raising my daughter. Nothing felt like I was thriving, I was barely surviving and providing.

I was desperate to find something that would allow me the freedom to make my own schedule and grind without a financial ceiling. I found my ticket in getting my Esthetician license. 

Fast forward. 

I have been self employed for 14 years (with no side hustle). I did that without a man and with pure grit and hustle and the absolute GRACE OF GOD. I have created a place where women like myself can have the flexibility to be providers and mothers and be financially independent. 

I now have 4 kids. A husband, 2 big dogs, 2 cats (because even numbers) and 2 cars in my own name. 

I own Malaya Skin + Wax Studio and opened another business Malaya Lash + Ink with my best friend (because who wouldn’t want to see your best friend everyday) and the Studios are home to women who are now independent and thriving.

Some have even moved on to open their own, and I thank the space that they started in for allowing them the launching pad to soar into their futures. 

My studios have survived the closures during the Pandemic and I know why. 

I’m supposed to be doing this. My team is supposed to be doing this. 

I believe y(our) purpose is always greater than y(our) plan. 

In 2021 MalayaMade Lash + Brow Academy was born. This is the headquarters for all in person trainings, podcast recordings, and ProShop where lash and brow artist can come shop + pick up tools. 

I know I said fast forward- but there was nothing fast about the process. It took grit. It took the hardest work I ever did. I did it...and YOU CAN TOO.